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Today’s Music News: Thom Yorke was a DJ at Leopallooza and No One Knew

Thom Yorke, not at a garden party

Thom Yorke dj’d for a group of 30 people at Leopallooza and nearly all of them had no idea who he was. (Pitchfork)

Thurston Moore has a new band with former Sonic Youth buddy, Steve Shelley, and Debbie Googe from My Bloody Valentine. It’s pretty much Thurston’s solo project, but he put together the full band for a small tour he has planned out for the next few months. (Consequence of Sound)

Spoon, our current Album of the Week, played a super cool, super secret show in New York and none of us were invited. (Stereogum)

Is Miley Cyrus now indie cool? She’s collaborated with Moby and the Flaming Lips, and now is getting some super riot grrrl cred. Kathleen Hanna, of Bikini Kill, has suggested that she has a music idea that only Miley is “daring enough to make”. Hanna was responding to photos of Bikini Kill that Cyrus had posted on social media. (The Guardian)

On the flip side of indie cred — Busta Rhymes teaming up with Toyota to market a minivan as a “Swagger Wagon”. This is so cringe inducing that we’ll just let you watch it. (Consequence of Sound)

The First Daughter went to Lollapalooza. (New York Magazine)