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What Minnesota State Fair foods would you recommend for Minnesota musicians?

A big crowd is gathered here at MPR’s Minnesota State Fair booth as Jill Riley and Steve Seel broadcast live in what they’re aptly calling a “pre-party” for tonight’s big MN Music-on-a-Stick show at the Grandstand. We asked some of the Minnesota music fans gathered at the booth what State Fair foods they’d recommend for their favorite local musicians.

What State Fair foods would you recommend for your favorite Minnesota musician? Post your suggestion below!

Sam & Jake

“Cheese curds—for anyone!”

Minnesota State Fair Food 01

Rachel & Catherine

“Chicken in a waffle feels pretty bluegrassy—Trampled By Turtles should try it!”

Minnesota State Fair Food 02

Alyssa & Ben

Alyssa: “I think Har Mar Superstar would appreciate the kitsch appeal of Jell-O salad ice cream.”

Ben: “I’d recommend the new snow ribbons for Prince: classic, with a quirky twist.”

Minnesota State Fair Food 03

Ashley & Luke

Ashley: “The beer gelato at Mancini’s is actually really good. Bob Dylan should have that.”

Luke: “Minnesota is Mason Jennings’s adopted state, so if he wants to really fit in with a quintessential Minnesota food, he should have some hot dish on a stick.”

Minnesota State Fair Food 04

Brita, Akria, & Ivy

“Shannon Frid-Rubin, Cloud Cult’s violinist, is my violin teacher. The cheese curds are good, but she probably already knows that!”

Minnesota State Fair Food 05

Chris & Wyatt

“For Atmosphere, I’d recommend the big bacon.”

Minnesota State Fair Food 06

Honora & Daniel

“Har Mar Superstar should try the mini-donut beer.”

Minnesota State Fair Food 07

Amy & Chris

“A breakfast juicy lucy—for everyone!”

Sherri & Sophie

“Cotton candy for Cloud Cult—because it’s like a cloud!”

Minnesota State Fair Food 09