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Friday Five: Bob Mould, Mastermind, Preston Gunderson and more new MN music videos

Happy Friday! As the work week winds down, give yourself a break from whatever it is you’re pretending to be doing right now to check out the latest videos from the Minnesota music scene. This week’s batch includes surprise cameos, a poignant new politically charged track from Mastermind, and a throwback video from a beloved Minneapolis band who is reuniting for shows at First Avenue this weekend.

Bob Mould

If you missed Sunday night’s surprise Bob Mould show in the 7th St. Entry, this video gives you an idea of what the experience was like—right down to the beads of sweat rolling down his face and his fogged-up glasses. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to catch an unexpected cameo (hint: his new album is streaming on the Current this week), and check out our Minnesota Music-on-a-Stick recap and gallery for more on Mr. Mould’s latest exploits.


“Art has a way of showing and saying the difficult and ugly messages,” reads the description for this new song and video from Minneapolis hip-hop pioneer Mastermind, who weaves together news clips from Ferguson, Miss. (where citizens protested the police’s killing of an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown) with powerful verses about police brutality and reflections on what life is like for a black man living in the United States.

Preston Gunderson

Country firecracker Jillian Rae co-stars on this gorgeous new song from pop singer-songwriter Preston Gunderson, “Night.” A native of Virginia, Minnesota, Gunderson just released his debut album, Getting Good at Starting Over, late last year, and you can sample more of his work on Bandcamp.

Tiny Deaths

I’ve watched this a few times now and I still can’t decide if it’s incredibly endearing or maybe just kind of awkward. Or both? Either way, this is what happens when you take singer Claire de Lune for a spin in your car, place cameras on her from every angle, and make her sing for you as you drive her around town. Fun!

The Jayhawks

Ok, this one isn’t new at all—it’s actually from almost 10 years ago—but I couldn’t resist throwing it back to some Save it For a Rainy Day-era Jayhawks in honor of their two big shows at First Avenue this weekend. Hear more from this era of the band (with assistance from Kraig Johnson on guitar and Jessy Greene on violin) in the in-studio session they recorded with Mary Lucia this week.