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Friday Five: Lizzo and Caroline Smith, Light Black, and more new Minnesota music videos

Buckle up, bbs. Fall is upon us and so is an avalanche of new releases from Minnesota artists of all genres, starting this weekend with big release shows from Toki Wright and Big Cats (who party tonight at Icehouse) and Luke Zimmerman (who releases his new one with Fathom Lane at the same venue tomorrow). As always, the Friday Five is here to help you keep your head above the water…

Lizzo and Caroline Smith “Let ‘Em Say”

These two powerhouse women perform two back-to-back nights at First Avenue tonight and tomorrow night, and it’s adding up to be one of the biggest local music events of the fall. But you don’t have to take my word for it: Just try not to smile watching these two frolick down Lake Street singing their summer jam “Let ‘Em Say.”

Vaski visits the Minnesota Twins

One of the state’s biggest electronic producers, Vaski, brought his rig to the Minnesota Twins game on September 3 to provide a banging soundtrack (and get the players shaking their tail feathers).

Light Black make their debut

Here’s one of my favorite new discoveries of the week: Light Black, a new band fronted by songwriter Jack Ventimiglia, combines sugary ’60s pop hooks with just the right amount of morose psychedelia to create an irresistible new sound. “Wrong Again” is their debut single, and I’m already craving more.

Botzy orders up a “Flameburger”

Well, this is fun. There’s lots to digest (ugh, sorry) in this flashy new video for “Flameburger” from Botzy, who’s been churning out a steady stream of new songs and videos these days. Keep an eye out for a dancing baby, an insane beat from producer 2% Muck, and a cameo from Bomba de Luz’s Lydia Liza as they all show up to accentuate Botzy’s staccato raps.

Sarah Morris mends a broken heart

With a new album out now, countrified singer-songwriter Sarah Morris unveiled this sweet little ditty about moving on from someone who “Used to Be Mine.”