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Friday Five: P.O.S.’s Best Show Ever and more new MN music videos

P.O.S. (Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR)

This weekend is insane. And the big sold-out Replacements show at Midway Stadium is just the icing on a big ol’ musical cake—there are also big release shows happening Friday and Saturday with Maria Isa and PaviElle, not to mention P.O.S.’s triumphant return to the stage with his first headlining show in two years tomorrow in downtown Minneapolis.  Let’s start there and see what else we can find, shall we?

P.O.S.’s Best Show Ever

My only regret about this weekend is that I can’t somehow split myself in two and watch the Replacements and P.O.S. at the same time. Because this is going to be nuts.

Dessa, Remixed

P.O.S.’s Doomtree crewmate Dessa has a new video out this week, and it’s a jarringly different take on her Parts of Speech track, “Fighting Fish.” Not only did the Hood Internet remix the song, but they slowed down Dessa’s vocals to make her sound like a completely different person. The result is something like what a dude would sound like slow-rapping one of Dessa’s songs, and it gives an added heft to the sharp lyrics featured on this track.


There’s something beguiling about the way Gus Watkins’ breathy, ominous voice fights to be heard underneath a tide of electronic schisms, rhythms, and whirs in this new collaboration between artists KPT and ACTN. The four avant electro-pop musicians recorded their video at the Southern Theater as part of Adam J. Dunn’s “Lights and Backdrop” series.

Chastity Brown

Shot by our own Nate Ryan, this new video from Chastity Brown features her gorgeous new single “Colorado.” Keep an eye out for a new album from Chastity next year.

The Ocean Blue

See if you can spot the fountain from Loring Park and other Minneapolis landmarks in this lo-fi, trippy video from the Ocean Blue, who re-emerged in 2013 and have just reissued an expanded version of the album Waterworks on Minneapolis imprint Korda Records.