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Lollygagloser: Grumpy’s to host tribute to original 1991 Lollapalooza lineup

via Grumpy's Bar on Facebook

1991: The Year Punk Broke, the year Nirvana released Nevermind, the year N.W.A. reached the top of the album charts and imploded, the year Jane’s Addiction called it quits and gave us Lollapalooza as a consolation.

Are you too young to have experienced 1991 firsthand? Are you old enough but understandably worried that life and culture may have peaked back then? Are you just looking for something to do on a Saturday night? Then we’ve got a festival for you: Lollygagloser, at Grumpy’s Bar Downtown, on Saturday, Sept. 27.

In honor of the summer of 1991, Grumpy’s has put together a roster of local bands to stage a “re-enactment” of the inaugural Lollazpalooza tour. A roster of local bands will perform sets of music by several of the bands from the tour’s lineup. The Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence will be taking on Jane’s Addiction; Nine Inch Ailes will perform as (you guessed it) Nine Inch Nails; San Dimas will embody the Butthole Surfers; and more.

The festival will take place in Grumpy’s parking lot, and the bar will be peddling beer and brats. The event is  age 21+ and will run from 2:00-9:00 p.m.  The full lineup is as follows:

Jane’s Addiction – The Outstanding Acheivements in the Field of Excellence

Souxsie and the Banshees – Kiss or Kill

Nine Inch Nails – Nine Inch Ailes

Butthole Surfers – San Dimas

Body Count – In Defence

Rollins Band – Disasteratti

Austin Gerth is a member of the class of 2016 at Concordia College. He also writes for Concordia’s student blog, The COBBlog; and Concordia’s student newspaper, The Concordian.