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Minneapolis musician Dan Rodriguez warms seven million hearts with moving PSA featuring a loving Labrador

Twin Cities singer-songwriter Dan Rodriguez is warming YouTube’s heart with a song he wrote for a Budweiser commercial promoting responsible drinking.

The advertisement tells the story of a guy with a loving Labrador Retriever waiting for him to come home after a night out drinking with his human pals. Rodriguez lends his introspective, echoey vocals and bluesy acoustic plucks to the footage with his original song “When You Come Home.”

Part of a Budweiser campaign called Global Be(er) Responsible Day, the ad has received press and Internet buzz since its release last Friday. It had more than 6.8 million views as of Monday.

Rodriguez transplanted to Minneapolis from Detroit in 2004, playing locally with a group called the Auburns. He began solo work in 2008, releasing his album Unreal. He released his most recent album, Roaring Dan, in 2011, and has since been touring locally and nationally.

Local licensing company In The Groove Music pitched the song to Budweiser, according to Rodriguez’s website.

Hailey Colwell is a journalism major at the University of Minnesota and a co-director of Theatre Corrobora.