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Today’s Music News: Coldplay and Taylor Swift just played Target Center—for Target

Target Center. Photo by Tim Nelson/MPR.

The Target Corporation’s annual meeting—in Target Center, natch—is one of the biggest private music shows in Minnesota each year; it’s up there with the annual Starkey Foundation benefit, where Garth Brooks and Miley Cyrus have shared a stage with Bill Clinton and Meat Loaf. At Wednesday’s meeting, an arena full of Target employees clad in red and khaki were entertained by Coldplay, Taylor Swift (just this week deposed from the top of the Hot 100 by Meghan Trainor), and Jamie Foxx. (Star Tribune)

Janelle Monae visited Sesame Street, where she joined the Muppets and a bunch of tuxedoed kids for an inspiring song called “The Power of Yet.”

In local music news, the music-loving confectioners at Glam Doll Donuts have given P.O.S. his own custom doughnut. In honor of the emcee’s upcoming “Best Show Ever,” you can now order the “Best Donut Ever.”

Also in local music news—sort of—HerCampus.com has included St. Paul’s McNally Smith College of Music on its list of America’s ten most Beyoncé colleges. “Students can now get a degree in hip-hop studies (say what?!), the first program of its kind in the U.S. What’s more Beyoncé than rocking rhymes and busting beats? These students learn how to command a crowd, just like Queen Bey herself!” Since Beyoncé herself never actually attended college, maybe she’ll take these rankings into consideration if she ever goes back to school.

The New Pornographers, whose most recent album is Brill Bruisers, played an hour-long set at the Brill Building for an NPR special—and also shot a Funny or Die spoof in which the band audition for a gig at the legendary song factory.

OK Go, famously innovative in their videos, say that Apple stole the concept from their “The Writing’s On the Wall” video for the video that launched the Apple release event on Tuesday. (Billboard) Watch both videos below and decide for yourself—eerily similar?

Speaking of Apple, they said that the release of U2‘s new album for free via iTunes was “the largest album release in history.” But how many of those 500,000,000 iTunes users actually downloaded the album—which gets a perfect five-star review from Rolling Stone, where it’s compared favorably to The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby—and listened to it? Sources tell Billboard the album was downloaded about 200,000 times in the United States—but Universal Music Group says that number “is completely inaccurate.” What’s not in dispute is that One Direction‘s free single “Fireproof” has been downloaded over a million times.

Nor are U2 immune to the confusion that Bon Iver and Arcade Fire experienced when those bands suddenly gained wide exposure—as Consequence of Sound finds, there are a lot of people who don’t know who U2 are or why U2 are suddenly in their music libraries.

Robert “Throb” Young, formerly guitarist in Primal Scream, has died at the age of 49. The cause of death has not been announced. (SPIN)

Attendees at Chicago’s biggest music festivals are going to have to stock up on Nicorette: both smoking and vaping have now been banned in the city parks that host events including Lollapalooza, the Pitchfork Music Festival, and Riot Fest. Chicago’s Park District Superintendent is promising to be chill about enforcement (“People at Riot Fest this weekend, they don’t need to worry about … a man tapping on their shoulder and saying, ‘You’re under arrest.’ That’s not the point of this”), but concertgoers should be aware that legally, they could be fined up to $500 for lighting up. (Consequence of Sound)

Having recently filed for divorce from his longtime wife Pegi YoungNeil Young is now dating Daryl Hannah. The Daily Mail has photos of the two canoodling.

Recently, Aaron Carter has been expressing regret about breaking up with Hilary Duff—allegedly over Lindsay Lohan—ten years ago. Duff now tells BuzzFeed that a romantic reunion is not in the cards. “I mean, that was so long ago, and obviously I’m still married, and I have a baby and we kind of just…”

Barbra Streisand will appear on The Tonight Show as both an interview guest and a musical performer this coming Monday night—an appearance that NBC is calling Streisand’s first appearance as a late-night guest in over 50 years. (Billboard)

Streisand was at the NBC studios (presumably for rehearsal) when the Replacements were on The Tonight Show this week, and our sources confirm this story is absolutely true: she passed the ‘Mats backstage, and Tommy Stinson exclaimed, “That’s Barbra f—ing Streisand!” Overhearing Tommy, Streisand quipped, “At least someone gets my name right.”