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Today’s Music News: Snacks the Cat re-emerges in PETA video with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast has one of indie rock’s most famous cats: Snacks, who appeared on the cover of the first Best Coast album and has more Twitter followers than you. (Snacks is such a meme, he’s inspired a sub-meme in the form of Hipster Runoff’s Snacks the Cat Girl.) Snacks has now opened up about being adopted, via a PETA video in which it’s also revealed that Snacks likes to chill in the sunlight—and functions as security against intruders. “Sometimes if I’m scared because I’m lonely or I hear a noise or whatever,” says Cosentino, “there’s literally a living, breathing being next to me. I know that he cares.”

Next Tuesday, Sept. 23 will officially be David Bowie Day in the city of Chicago, as Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledges the opening of the epic David Bowie Is exhibit at the MCA Chicago. (Watch for a review and photos Monday on our Local Current blog.) In other day-declaring news, yesterday was Foo Fighters Day in Richmond, Va. as the band played a crowd-funded show that was their first gig there in 16 years. (Consequence of Sound)

It’s too early for most people to want to think about the holidays, but it’s never too early for labels and music retailers to think about the holiday shopping season. Recently-announced upcoming gift sets include a three-disc collector’s edition of Paul McCartney‘s New, a 24-disc set of the fabled live “Blue Tapes” from King Crimson, a box set collecting live recordings of all 27 shows Metallica played this year, and a ten-disc set marking the 40th anniversary of Rush.

Friends is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and there to help start the party at a temporary replica of the show’s Central Perk coffeeshop were Minneapolis duo the Rembrandts, who played “I’ll Be There For You” and “Smelly Cat” with a little help from the actor who played Gunther, Central Perk’s manager. (Local Current)