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Today’s Music News: The Beatles are still bigger than Beyoncé (barely)

It seems like Beyoncé can’t get any bigger, but actually she can: she’s still not as big as the Beatles, according to a Harris Poll of 2,306 American adults who were asked to name their favorite musical artist. The Beatles are on top, followed by Elvis Presley—then Queen Bey comes in at third. Rounding out the top ten, in descending order, are Led Zeppelin, George Strait, Bruno Mars, Neil Diamond, the Eagles, Celine Dion, and Garth Brooks. The big losers since the last time the poll was conducted, in 2010, are U2—who were number two four years ago, but now don’t even make the top ten.

On Sunday, Jimi Jamison, a lead singer of Survivor and Cobra, died of a heart attack at the age of 63. Jamison became Survivor’s lead singer in 1984 after original frontman David Bickler (the voice of “Eye of the Tiger”) developed polyps on his vocal cords. Among the Survivor hits Jamison sang were “The Moment of Truth” (from The Karate Kid), “Is This Love,” and “Burning Heart” (from Rocky IV). (After a period in the 90s when both Jamison and Bickler toured in separate bands both calling themselves Survior, the two reconciled; recently, Survivor toured with both Jamison and Bickler.) Jamison’s solo recordings included “I’m Always Here,” which became the theme song for Baywatch. (Rolling Stone)

With the world talking about Kate Bush‘s return to the concert stage after a 35-year absence, Bush has set a U.K. chart record by landing eight albums in the U.K. top 40—making her the first woman to do so, and the only artist to do so aside from the Beatles and Elvis Presley. (Billboard)

CeeLo Green has pleaded no contest to a felony charge of providing ecstasy to a woman at a 2012 dinner, but has denied the allegation that he “slipped” it to her without her knowledge. (Rolling Stone)

President Obama has named Danny Marti to be America’s new piracy czar—a.k.a. intellectual property enforcement coordinator. The position, established in 2008, was previously held by Victoria Espinel. In a statement welcoming Marti’s hire, the Recording Industry of America said that “For music specifically, we are an industry that has tossed out the rulebook and reinvented ourselves as a digital business. But one rule remains the same—that intellectual protection helps fuels music creativity.” (Billboard)

Yes, you can sue Sammy Hagar for defamation if he writes an autobiography saying he didn’t father your baby and accuses you of extortion. That’s what a federal appeals court has decided in the case of a former Playboy bunny known only as “Jane Doe.” (Billboard)

Prince has shared two more songs from his forthcoming albums: “U KNOW,” from his solo album ART OFFICIAL AGE and “WHITECAPS” from PLECTRUMELECTRUM, his album with his band 3RDEYEGIRL. Both albums are due to be released on Sept. 30. (Local Current)

Jesse Helt, the homeless youth who was dispatched by Miley Cyrus to accept her Video of the Year VMA, has turned himself in to Oregon authorities who had a warrant for his arrest due to alleged probation violations after being convicted for breaking into the apartment of a guy he believed had sold him some bad marijuana. (Billboard) Speaking of the VMAs, former Hibbing Community College student Riff Raff has started a Twitter beef with Sam Smith after Smith cropped Riff from an Instagram photo. (SPIN)

Britney Spears is single again, though as of this writing the tweet announcing her newfound availability has over 100,000 fewer retweets than a tweet by 5 Seconds of Summer‘s Calum Hood owning up to a video of an explicit Snapchat captured and shared by the fan to whom it was sent.