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Friday Five: Haley Bonar, Pennyroyal, and more new Minnesota music videos

After a few crazy-busy stretches of concerts it’s actually shaping up to be a fairly mellow weekend for local music, save for tonight’s sure-to-be-stunning album release show from the Ericksons at the Cedar and a few other promising gigs sprinkled about. I can’t say I mind taking a slower pace for a change—especially when there are so many wonderful fall and wintertime albums just begging to be consumed. Catch up on all the latest sounds here, including one of the more meditative tracks on Haley Bonar’s latest and the first single from We Are the Willows’ stunning new album, Picture (Portrait) Pt. 1.

Haley Bonar

I was already quite fond of Haley’s song “From a Cage,” which features some understated harmonies from Justin Vernon, but this video seals the deal.

We Are the Willows

For his latest album, We Are the Willows frontman Peter Miller spent time sifting through hundreds of letters that his grandfather wrote to his grandmother during WWII and channeled the feelings of longing, love, and devotion into a beautiful new collection of songs. So it’s no surprise that the first video from the album, “Dear Ms. Branster,” takes an equally personal approach. The video was filmed at Fort Snelling National Cemetary and was directed by Zach Johnston of the band PHOX.


It’s taken me far too long to come around on Pennyroyal’s latest album, Baby I’m Against It, but it has managed to sneak its way into my most heavily spun records this fall. For all you fellow latecomers—it’s time to get with it! And here’s a shiny new video of their song “Go Quiet” to help move things along.

Frankie Teardrop

This new one from Frankie Teardrop sounds like it would be at home on Jake Rudh’s Transmission show, or maybe playing as the credits rolled on a teen movie in the ’80s. It’s refreshing to hear the band break out of the surfy garage rock sound that defined their first single, “Chicago,” and dabble in something resembling new wave.


Previously known for his work in Night Moves, multi-instrumentalist Mark Ritsema is quietly starting to venture out on his own with the intriguing, gender-bending new electro-pop project Suzie. Find another sample from his new EP, Born Single, over on Bandcamp.