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Friday Five: New music videos from L’Assassins, Graveyard Club, and more

Happy Halloween! What better way to kick off the Friday Five that with a full-blown murder mystery movie from garage rock quartet L’Assassins. Also on deck is a brand-new video from Atmosphere, a North Shore session from Haley Bonar, and more…

L’Assassins Kill! Kill! Kill!

Who needs a run-of-the-mill music video when you can make a whole movie? In celebration of their new concept EP, Kill! Kill! Kill!… Bang! Bang! Bang!, the quartet of sassy and stylish ladies channeled their inner B-movie stars to create a film of the same name. Written and directed by Tyler Jensen, the band says the film is “an homage to B-movies in the spirit of ‘Faster Pussycat Kill Kill,’ ‘Reform School Girls,’ and ‘Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.'” The first two parts of the film are out now, with two more on the way.

Atmosphere mow the lawn

Here’s another one hot off the presses: Atmosphere just released a new video today for “Arthur’s Song,” one of the strongest and more poignant tracks on this year’s Southsiders.

Kitten Forever’s ‘Rat Queen’

Punk trio Kitten Forever accomplish so much with so little in this new video—all it takes is a few different colored streamers and a simple change of outfits to create the jittery background for the song “Rat Queen.”

Haley Bonar plays inside a cave

I can’t think of a better place to capture the despair and loneliness of Haley Bonar’s song “Eat for Free,” which is augmented here by harmonies from Wendy Lewis. This North Shore Sessions video is just one of many things happening in Haley’s world this week—she’s also on tour right now in the U.K. and had the opportunity to record a session with BBC Radio 6 Music.

Graveyard Club live up to their name

Here’s a little new wave synth jam to round out your Halloween afternoon. There’s even a little paper skeleton starring in this video for “Into the Dark,” which is the latest from Graveyard Club’s Ed Ackerson-produced album, Nightingale.