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Friday Five: Thestand4rd, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, and more new Minnesota music videos

Bae Tigre makes an auspicious debut

I hope you like electro-pop, downtempo, and dark R&B, because I have a whole bunch of slow, sexy songs stacked up in this week’s Friday Five. Which might be a good indicator of where the Twin Cities scene is at these days: hovering in those spaces between hip-hop, futuristic electronica and old-school soul, casting around for a new way to bring it all together into something new.

Bae Tigre

Let’s start things off with my favorite discovery of the week: Bae Tigre, a new solo artist who is preparing to release her debut album next month. I was tipped off by local rapper Botzy, who had a hand in directing this video along with Kyle Franke. I love the way the angles change ever-so-slightly and snap into place in time with the beat—and that voice! I can’t wait to hear more.


By now you’ve surely heard the buzz about this new group, which comprises enigmatic vocalist Spooky Black, MCs Allan Kingdom and Bobby Raps, and rising producer Psymun (yes, he of Psymun and K.Raydio fame). The quartet will be embarking on a short tour next month, starting with a show at an as-yet-unnamed venue in St. Paul on November 1.

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

Speaking of unique voices and alluring electro beats, the group Sun Gods to Gamma Rays are well worth further investigation. Their new album, A Ghost to Find, is coming November 4.

Black Diet

In search of something a big more upbeat that features a real live human drummer and everything? Check out this mini-concert by Black Diet, which was filmed as part of TPT Rewire’s new “Skyway Sessions.”


And finally, here’s one of the most intriguing and experimental hip-hop groups to emerge this year. ZULUZULUU combines the talents of vocalist Taylor “Proper T” Johnson, rapper Greg Grease, DJ Just Nine, Trelly Mo, Elliot Surber, and producers Mychal Fisher and G-Mo. Watch them perform “On Our Way” in this new video from Greenroom Magazine, which was filmed at last month’s “Best Show Ever” in downtown Minneapolis.