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It’s a good time to be Lizzo: Playing Letterman, working with Grimes

The Lizzo wave that started to rise last year is cresting ever higher: after a busy summer in which she played a heavy schedule of festivals and gigs in the U.S. (including Rock the Garden) and Europe, Lizzo’s fall has if anything been even busier.

There was a surprise single followed by two packed First Avenue shows with Caroline Smith. She premiered her Web series, Big GRRRL Small World, with an episode shot at the Minnesota State Fair. (Smith makes a cameo, eating corn on the cob.)

Then Lizzo popped up—with her Chalice bandmates—on one of the new Prince albums. Last week, it was announced that Lizzo would play The Late Show with David Letterman—and while we all waited for that to happen, Lizzo posted an Instagram photo of herself making music with Smith and Grimes. Whoa.

Last night, Letterman seemed delighted to welcome his guest in her national TV debut. Taking the stage with a furiously gyrating Sophia Eris as well as producer Lazerbeak and drummer Ryan McMahon, Lizzo played to the cameras like a pro in a sassy rendition of Lizzobangers track “Bus Passes and Happy Meals.” When the performance was over, Lizzo greeted Letterman with a warm hug—and Minnesota exploded with pride.

Lizzo’s t-shirt, reading “I feel you André,” is apparently a reference to shirts worn by André 3000 at recent OutKast reunion shows.

Everyone in the Lizzo party seems to have been pleased with their Letterman appearance; Lazerbeak posted a photo of Late Show sound effects guru Gary Kiffel (“totally showed us the sound that’s made when Dave throws a pencil at the camera”), and McMahon called yesterday “the best day of my life.” Lazerbeak’s Doomtree colleague Paper Tiger posted a photo of Lizzo gleefully watching herself on TV.

This morning the woman of the hour herself wrote, “Last night was perfect,” and “Bye, New York…next time I’m here I wanna make music.”