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The Blind Shake, Tiny Deaths, the Ericksons, Deep Pool: This week’s Minnesota record releases

Courtesy the Blind Shake

The Blind Shake: Breakfast of Failures

Power trio the Blind Shake have done it again. Fast riffs, fuzz, and distortion—Breakfast of Failures has what you want from the Minneapolis powerhouse. “Old Lake” is full of distorted riffs moving from droning tones on the chorus to electrified awkwardness over a drum beat that makes you wish you were moshing the very second the beat comes in. The band will kick off their tour at the 7th Street Entry with the Hussy, American Cream, and Animal Lover on Oct. 17.

Tiny Deaths EP

Claire de Lune (The Chalice) has been pouring her soul into her new project, Tiny Deaths, for two long years. She teamed up with producer Grant Cutler (Lookbook, Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords) to form the new project. Tiny Deaths released their debut self titled EP last Tuesday—coincidentally, the same day Prince and his band 3RDEYEGIRL released an album on which Claire de Lune has a vocal cameo. Cutler’s production compliments Claire de Lune’s melodic vocals on all of the tracks. Tracks range from bass heavy pop tunes such as “Ocean” to more mournful tracks like “Quantum.” The overarching theme of the EP is detaching emotionally after a breakup.

The Ericksons: Bring Me Home

Sisters Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kapernick are back as the Ericksons for their newest effort, Bring Me Home. They released their record last Tuesday and had their release show at the Cedar Cultural Center on Friday. The folk-pop-turned-electro-pop duo enlisted the help of Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould) and co-producer/musician Sean Carey (S.Carey, Bon Iver); and musicians Ben Lester (S.Carey, Field Report), Shane Leonard (Field Report), and Michael Lewis (Bon Iver, Alpha Consumer). The single “My Love” conveys strong feelings of emotional endurance and compassion: beautiful harmonies float above lush instrumentation. Hear the Ericksons’ recent session in the Current studios.

Deep Pool: Something in the Eye

Haven’t heard of Deep Pool yet? Well, now you have, and they’re worth a listen. Deep Pool is the creation of Jeff Kearns of the Hang Ups. Deep Pool release their debut record Something in the Eye today on Korda Records. Kearns takes the light indie-pop of the Hang Ups and gives it little more attitude as well as heavier riffs, but still fits the tunes into the indie-pop genre. “Suits” blends those heavier riffs, but lets them fall into the background while Kearns’s smooth voice takes the fore. Deep Pool are playing a release show at the Turf Club on Oct. 22.

Aaron Bolton is a senior at the University of Minnesota. Currently he writes for growyourflow.com and is the music reporter at Radio K. He hopes to continue a career in music journalism.