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Today’s Music News: Lorde sings South Park’s Lorde parody song

Lorde has become the latest running gag on South Park, which has it that she’s the alter ego of Randy Marsh, the father of South Park character Stan. Lorde is amused by the gag, and told New Zealand’s TV3 news that “We actually, in my hotel room, went ‘Ya ya ya ya ya I’m Lorde! Ya ya ya!’ for like an hour, because that’s why they do on the episode.” Here’s Randy Marsh’s Lorde song as performed by Randy Marsh, and then by the actual Lorde. (Gawker)

Custom vinyl is being taken to new extremes: on Oct. 21, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of GhostbustersRay Parker Jr.‘s hit theme song is being reissued on a special-edition white 12″ record encased in a marshmallow-smelling sleeve. The B-side will feature the song’s remix from the 1989 sequel, featuring rapping by Run-D.M.C. (Rolling Stone)

For his comeback tour, Garth Brooks is on a mission to break U2‘s record tour gross of $736 million—and it sure looks like he’s going to do it, with a lot of help from Minnesotans. For Brooks’s upcoming 11-show stand at Target Center next month, he’s sold 188,000 tickets and they’re still going fast. That’s a new record for a tour stop by Brooks. “It’s one thing when an artist like Luke Bryan or Taylor Swift goes into a market and takes out $2 million,” said a source interviewed by Billboard, “and quite another when Garth goes in and takes out $12 million.” (Pioneer Press)

Miley CyrusMy Morning JacketJ MascisTegan & SaraMobyMaynard James KeenanDr. Dog, and MGMT are just some of the artists making appearances on the Flaming Lips’ all-star Sgt. Pepper cover album, With a Little Help from My Fwends. The album comes out on Oct. 28. (Rolling Stone)

Madonna hasn’t mattered since at least the mid-90s, says Ariel Pink, who’s bragging that he’s been called upon by Madonna’s label to write the songs that will make the pop legend relevant again. “They need songwriting. She can’t just have her Avicii, her producers or whatever, come up with a new techno jam for her to gyrate to and pretend that she’s 20 years old. They actually need songs. I’m partly responsible for that return-to-values thing.” (Billboard) Meanwhile, Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary denies any knowledge of Pink: “The label may have reached out but M has no interest in working with mermaids.”

Mark Bell, a member of the electronic group LFO and a producer known for his work with Björk and Depeche Mode, has suffered an untimely death due to complications from an operation. (Rolling Stone)

Neil Young “is very angry with me,” says David Crosby. Responding on Twitter to Young’s statement that Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young will never tour again, Crosby called Young’s statement “like saying there are mountains in Tibet we know Neil…we already knew.” (Rolling Stone)