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November 19, 2014

What I’ve learned from taking piano lessons as an adult

It was about three years ago now that I decided with absolute certainty that my home would not be complete without the addition of a piano. It had been years since I’d played regularly, and almost a decade had passed since a college music professor had treated me with such disdain that I swore I […]

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Today’s Music News: Bob Marley will be the face of the first global marijuana brand

With the blessing of Bob Marley‘s family, the reggae icon will be the face of Marley Natural, “a premium cannabis brand rooted in the life and legacy” of the late musician. In addition to loose-packed “heirloom Jamaican” cannabis buds, oil, and concentrate, Marley Natural will sell items including pot-infused creams. “As Daddy would say,” said Marley’s […]

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