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November 20, 2014

Music making, body painting, app building: Meet the Band Famous

They make music. They make art. They make apps. The spontaneous formation of their band was livestreamed, and their entire debut EP was improvised. They’re the Band Famous, and they’d like your support. The musicians who perform under the names Norell, Zander, and Terry met in Minnesota in summer 2013. A mutual friend suggested that the […]

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Today’s Music News: Interpol live-tweet Buffalo snowstorm

As you’ve probably heard, there is some extremely intense snow coming down right now in upstate New York. Interpol, who were riding through the area en route to play a show in Toronto, have been stuck in their bus for over two days—and are live-tweeting the whole thing. Fortunately, they tweeted, the bus was well-stocked with “dry goods […]

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