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Bae Tigre, Jack Campbell, Nallo, and more of this week’s Minnesota record releases

courtesy Bae Tigre

Bae Tigre: Memoir of a Happy Drifting Chemical

One of the most pleasant surprises coming out of the Twin Cities this year is Bae Tigre, a self-described “electro-Indie-gurl” with a fresh sound. Her debut full-length, Memoir of a Happy Drifting Chemical, is Polkadot Mayhem‘s newest release. The track “Now or Never” has a hook like an adhesive, and no amount of Goo Gone will relieve you from repeating the sticky hook. After a week of mayhem with Botzy, Bae Tigre will have her release party at Icehouse on Nov. 16.

Jack Campbell: Jack Campbell

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Jack Campbell is releasing his first full-length record today. The self-titled release features the light pop-rock tune, “Scared of Heights,” full of catchy guitar riffs and bass lines. The track sounds like it could have appeared on any millennial’s high school playlist, but Campbell gives it a contemporary flavor. The release show is on Dec. 11 at the Triple Rock.

Nallo: Breather

Nallo returns this week with his newest effort, Breather. Andrew Ranallo and his band can be seen at the Hexagon for the LP release on Friday and at the Red Herring in Duluth on Saturday. The band will be paying at the Triple Rock in December as well. Breather’s title track features intriguing lyrics—almost as interesting as the clown-like face paint the band sports in the video accompanying it.

Thestand4rd: Thestand4rd

Thestand4rd have released their debut self-titled LP onto the world. The newly formed Twin Cities supergroup consists of the elusive Spooky Black, Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, and Psymun. The group recently performed their first show at the Amsterdam in St. Paul, 16-year-old Spooky Black’s live debut. The LP’s electro-pop based production pushes the boundaries of the modern hip-hop sound. Allan Kingdom takes to the foreground on “Vital Signs” with quick-witted bars followed by an auto-tuned verse. Meanwhile the electrified bass thumps life into the veins of the track. The group will be back in town on November 30 at the Varsity Theater.

Beneath the Crow: It’s Fine

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Beneath the Crow will be celebrating the release of It’s Fine this Friday at the 331 Club. The country-folk group will be spinning stories of addiction, sorrow, and relationships with their foot-stomping rhythm. Catch them with Al Grande, Jim Crego and the North Electric, and the 99ers.

Firebell: Impossible Vacation

The jazz trio will be releasing their debut album, Impossible Vacation, by way of Shifting Paradigm Records. Firebell will have their release at Icehouse during JT Bates’s Jazz Implosion Series. Catch the trio’s performance of their debut, and enjoy some ambient jazz work.

Aaron Bolton is a senior at the University of Minnesota. Currently he writes for growyourflow.com and is the music reporter at Radio K. He hopes to continue a career in music journalism.