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Friday Five: Caroline Smith, MaLLy, Nallo, and more new Minnesota music videos

Happy Friday! Is #pointergate getting you down? Might I recommend stepping away from social media for a moment and letting a little music cure what ails you. I have a lot of goodies on deck for you today, including a powerhouse performance from Caroline Smith, an irresistible new power-pop tune, and an immersive new video from rapper MaLLy.

Caroline Smith explores duality

Just try looking away from this impressive new video from Caroline Smith, which was directed and shot by Dan Huiting and masterfully edited together by Lauren Josephine. The story—and Smith’s incredible acting—will pull you through all the way to the end.

Nallo want you to breathe

Garage rockers Nallo turn up the power-pop on new song “Breather,” which is the title track for their album that’s due out next week. If this single is any indication, it’s going to be a joyous, freaky little release; sample more of it on their Bandcamp.

MaLLy washes it all away

This beautiful new video from MaLLy is guaranteed to give you chills as the rapper speaks truthfully, dips down underwater, and sings softly as the strings come in and the music fades away. Chills! “Everything Else But Me” is a track from MaLLy’s most recent album, The Colors of Black.

The Pines welcome a special guest

When the Pines play the Cedar Cultural Center on November 29, they will be joined by poet and activist John Trudell—and it will be the first time Trudell has performed in Minneapolis in over a decade. To commemorate the occasion, the Pines created a special video that splices in images of Trudell’s work with images of the band preparing for the gig.

Jeremy Messersmith, fruit, and kindergartners

Well here’s something completely different, and completely adorable. As part of the big push for Give to the Max Day (which is coming up on November 13), Jeremy Messersmith sang about fruit with a bunch of kindergartners to raise awareness for Second Harvest Heartland. FER CUTE.