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Friday Five: Chris Koza, Barbara Jean, Catbath, and more new Minnesota music videos

Happy Friday! The first half of this week’s batch of videos leans heavily on folk and Americana sounds, but don’t think for a second that all these beautiful melodies and acoustic guitars are going to add up to something boring. In fact, if you take your psychotropics now, they’ll probably start to kick in just as we get to Chris Koza’s trippy new video for “Electric Tide.”

Barbara Jean’s all-star band

I don’t think you could squeeze more Minnesota Americana all-stars into this song if you tried. For her new single “Wishing Well,” Barbara Jean invited Mason Jennings and Chastity Brown to sing harmonies along with her impressive backing band, which includes David Huckfelt of the Pines, Erik Koskinen.

Chris Koza takes us on a trip

What was on that stamp I licked this morning? Why does Chris Koza own so many different fake mustaches? Is that lobster trying to tell us something? WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

Preston Gunderson sings softly

Here’s a tender little song so delicate it feels like it might crack open if we lean on it too hard. Preston Gunderson is a gifted young vocalist and songwriter from Virginia, Minnesota, who moved down to the Twin Cities recently to join the ranks of the metro’s music scene. This song is the title track of his new EP.

Catbath turn it up

And now for something totally different—and way faster and louder. My favorite new discovery this week is the band Catbath, whose unbridled hollering, catchy melodies, and chaotic riffs will be on display tonight at Hymie’s Vintage Records when they open for Nightosaur’s album-release show.

Har Mar teams up with BOB

Have you ever wanted to see a fashionable lady strike vogue poses in various vintage outfits and jump through the air in slow motion while Har Mar Superstar’s “Lady, You Shot Me” plays in the background? No worries, I’ve got you covered.