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Today’s Music News: Bob Dylan played a show for an audience of one person

On Sunday at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music, Bob Dylan played a four-song show for an audience of just one person: Fredrik Wikingsson, a 41-year-old Swedish man described as a Dylan “superfan.” Wikingsson will just have a couple of weeks to savor his solo experience, though: the show, which apparently consisted entirely of covers, was filmed for a Swedish film series where people experience things alone that they’d normally experience with crowds. A 15-minute video about the gig will be posted to YouTube on Dec. 15. (Rolling Stone)

Bono and Robin Thicke have made GQ list of the “Least Influential People of 2014.” Bono and U2, in fact, top the list—edging out Barack Obama (#2) and Donald Sterling (#3). GQ criticized the band, and Apple, for their controversial decision to force the album into every iTunes user’s music library—spending “$100 million to turn U2’s socially conscious dad-rock into a piece of direct mail.”

It’s official: St. Paul now has a Dave Ray Avenue, named after the late blues-folk legend and encompassing the stretch of Franklin Avenue that was home to Ray’s family insurance business—home to many jam sessions. (Local Current)

It’s time for Mike Love to tell his version of the Beach Boys story: Love’s memoir, Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy, will be published in summer 2016. (Rolling Stone)

Run the Jewels play comically inattentive EMTs in a new video for their song “Blockbuster Night Part 1.”

Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation plays the host of a TV show on which the Decemberists appear as guests in the band’s new video for “Make You Better.”

James Blake expects to release his new album in about five months’ time—and it might include a collaboration with Kanye West, Blake told the Miami New Times. “I know that there’s a specific song I would like him to be on,” said Blake, “and if he can do that by the time my record comes out, that would be fantastic.”

Even Taylor Swift and Beyoncé can’t beat the Frozen soundtrack, which is still this year’s top-selling album. Idina Menzel, voice of that soundtrack’s hit “Let It Go,” has announced a world tour that will come to Northrop on Aug. 13. (Star Tribune)