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Today’s Music News: Bruce Springsteen begins bootlegging his own concerts

Bruce Springsteen, whose Live 1975-85 box is one of the best-selling live albums of all time, has launched an online store selling recordings of dozens of his recent shows—and he plans to expand the offerings significantly, reports fan site Backstreets. According to the CEO of Nugs.net, the service powering Springsteen’s new store, the Boss had long disdained the idea of going the Phish route with his own live recordings—but changed his mind after watching fan clips of his concerts on YouTube. “He was like, ‘We can do better than this. We own the masters!’ What’s great is, he wasn’t saying, ‘F*** those guys. Take that stuff down. Screw YouTube.’ It was, ‘If this is happening, we should be doing it officially.'”

Steve Albini, a producer/engineer known for his work with Nirvanathe PixiesFugazi, and many others, delivered the keynote speech at the Face the Music conference in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday. He largely defended the impact of the Internet on the music industry and strongly criticized musicians who have fought the dissemination of their music online—including Prince. “If your little daughter does a kooky dance to a Prince song,” said Albini, “don’t bother putting it on YouTube for her grandparents to see or a purple dwarf in a**less chaps will put an injunction on you.” (Billboard)

If you were wondering why Bob Geldof keeps re-recording “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, here’s why: the new version is the fastest-selling single of the year in Britain, on pace to outsell each of the three previous versions. It’s all for an important cause: proceeds combat the spread of ebola. (Guardian)

On Sunday, Solange Knowles married video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans. Among the attendees were Knowles’s big sister Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z. (Rolling Stone)

Giorgio Moroder, the 70s and 80s music titan whose profile has risen in recent years—including a gig at Pitchfork this summer—as his vast influence has become increasingly obvious, announced that next year he’ll release his first studio album since the Reagan Administration. Britney SpearsSia, and Charli XCX will be among the many musicians making appearances on the new album by Moroder, who says—in a robot voice, of course—that “74 is the new 24.” (Billboard)

Many New Yorkers have been wondering whether newcomer Taylor Swift is the best choice for the city’s new “tourism ambassador,” but no less an authority on Big Apple life than Billy Joel is ready to welcome the Pennsylvania-via-Nashville transplant with open arms. “You snoots. Let her in. That’s what New York is all about. I say, ‘Welcome.'” (USA Today)

In a new episode of the Web series Sound Advice, Saturday Night Live‘s Vanessa Bayer gives St. Vincent some less-than-sound advice. When Bayer asks St. Vincent why she doesn’t go by her given name, St. Vincent points out (erroneously) that “Prince‘s real name isn’t actually Prince.” Bayer responds, “Yeah, but he’s a real prince, right?”

Adding insult to injurySinéad O’Connor became the latest musician to dis U2‘s mandatory-via-iTunes album release strategy. “There was something almost terrorist about it,” she told the Daily Mail. “I’m really not a U2 fan but it wasn’t at all kosher invading people’s lives like that. It was bad management.” O’Connor also recounted the fight that ended her friendship with Prince (whose “Nothing Compares 2 U” she made a chart-topping hit) in 1990, seeming to imply that he’d become possessed by evil spirits. “True to God, the irises of his eyes dissolved. They didn’t move up or down, left or right. They dissolved. The entire of his eyes became white. I knew very well what it was. The man is dealing with some seriously evil s***.”

Billboard reported on the lucrative sponsorship deals big stars have been striking with soda (that would be “pop” to us Minnesotans) companies. Perhaps the most surprising revelation: Taylor Swift‘s $26 million deal with Diet Coke is smaller than the $30 million deal Tiësto cut with 7Up.

That rumored SpotifyUber partnership is official: on Friday, the partnership will debut in ten cities (sorry, none in Minnesota). Spotify Premium users in those cities will be able to play their own tunes during Uber rides. (Billboard)

While Boy George recovers from the throat condition that derailed the planned Culture Club reunion tour, he’ll be eating healthy—and raw. He detailed his diet in a Bon Appetit interview: “Today I’m having a juicing day so I had a liter of greens basically. Cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon, and apple. Last night I made some almond milk which I had [this morning] with lucuma powder, a probiotic, and blueberries with a couple of mature dates to kinda sweeten it.”

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