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Today’s Music News: Frances Bean Cobain to produce first-ever authorized Kurt Cobain documentary

courtesy Nirvana

Frances Bean Cobain, the 22-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, will be an executive producer of the first-ever authorized documentary film about her late father. The film, titled Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, has been in progress under the direction of filmmaker Brett Morgen. Billboard reports that the film will debut next year on HBO, and “will include never-before-seen home movies, recordings, artwork and photography, plus material from his personal archives, family archives and songbooks. The film features dozens of Nirvana songs and performances as well as previously unheard Cobain originals.”

Music artists around the world are among those reacting to the decision of a grand jury not to indict the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Among the highest-profile responses came from Beyoncé—who shared (via Instagram) the Brown family’s statement calling for peace and justice—and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels. Before a concert, Killer Mike made an emotional statement, saying “I have a 20-year-old son and a 12-year-old son, and I’m so afraid for them today.” (NME)

Taylor Swift was excited to play Joni Mitchell in a biopic, but the project was nixed—by Mitchell herself. “I squelched that,” Mitchell told the Sunday Times. “I said to the producer, ‘All you’ve got is a girl with high cheekbones.’ It’s just a lot of gossip, you don’t have the great scenes.”

Adding to the pile of high-profile vinyl releases coming this Friday, Jenny Lewis announced that she’ll release a 7″ featuring two alternate performances of songs from her recent album The Voyager. (Rolling Stone)

Prince‘s social media presence always seemed a little too good to last—and sure enough, now it’s mostly gone. (Local Current)

In the wake of their big American Music Awards wins, One Direction have something else to celebrate: they’ve just hit a billion plays on Spotify. They’re still only the 14th most-played name on the service, though: they’re way behind Coldplay (#4), Rihanna (#3), David Guetta (#2), and all-time leader Eminem. (Billboard) Nor are any of the quintet the highest-earning performer under age 30—that would be Justin Bieber. (NME)

The most-played song at British funerals: “Ave Maria”? Nope, it’s Monty Python‘s “Always Look on the Bright Side.” (Billboard)