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December 5, 2014

Tracing the branches of Doomtree’s family tree

After 10 years of presenting bigger and bigger shows under the banner of the Doomtree Blowout, the longrunning Minneapolis hip-hop crew have declared that this year’s festivities will be their last of this kind. And they’re going out with a bang(arang… ugh I had to): Starting tomorrow night at the Turf Club, Doomtree will cram 10 […]

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Okee Dokee Brothers, Stephen Paulus nominated for Grammys

The nearly-complete list of nominations for the 57th annual Grammy Awards has been revealed, and Minnesota artists are among the honorees. Local children’s group the Okee Dokee Brothers, who won a Grammy two years ago for Can You Canoe?, are again nominated for Best Children’s Album with their new release Through the Woods. Stephen Paulus, a Minnesota […]

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Artist of the Month: Doomtree

The roots of Doomtree took seed sometime around 2001, when P.O.S. and MK Larrata decided to launch a record label/production crew. While the roster has changed between now and then, the most well-known Doomtree lineup has been in place for several years. It’s a seven-member musical arsenal of DJs, beat-builders, rappers, and producers: P.O.S., Cecil […]

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Today’s Music News: U2 hop into bed together for tour publicity photo

If you thought U2‘s Songs of Innocence album cover was awkward, wait until you see their new tour publicity photo (above). At least they’re wearing more clothes than Fleetwood Mac did when they got under the covers for a 1977 Rolling Stone shoot. The Grammys have announced nominations in a few categories; the rest of the 83 categories will be announced […]

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