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Doomtree announce new album: All Hands

Doomtree have announced the title and artwork for their new album, All Hands, which will be released on Jan. 27. In announcing the release, Doomtree shared a new single. “Gray Duck” blares like a warning siren, the seven members’ voices echoing in a rugged refrain to “go get it,” like something good is coming. (Listen below.)

Starting this week, the hip-hop collective will perform their tenth and final installment of the annual Blowout concert series this month with 10 events in eight days in venues across the Twin Cities. You can find the details here.

To inaugurate this final Blowout, Andrea Swensson will host Doomtree day on our Local Current stream from noon to 6 p.m. this Friday, Dec. 5. We’ll be playing Doomtree tracks as well as archived in-studio sessions and tracks from all the members’ side projects.

After recovering from the Blowout, the group will hit the road this February and March for a national “All Hands” tour, producer Lazerbeak wrote on the collective’s website.

Hailey Colwell is a journalism major at the University of Minnesota and a co-director of Theatre Corrobora.