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Lizzo gets a shout out from Andre 3000 promoting his ‘i feel ya’ jumpsuit exhibit

Lizzo's Instagram, SCAD YouTube

In an interview with Savannah College of and Art Design (SCAD) president Paula Wallace promoting his upcoming “i feel ya” exhibition, Andre 3000 gave an indirect shout out to Lizzo when he referenced the “I FEEL YOU, ANDRE.” shirt she wore during her Late Night with David Letterman performance in October.

Lizzo took to Instagram yesterday where she posted a video including clips of the interview where Andre 3000 references her performance followed by an endearing screech. The post’s caption reads, “Normally I don’t do this…. BUT THIS IS BAE YALL— Andre, I’m single. And the shirt I felt the most was ‘Big girls are beautiful to me’… So uh… Don’t go back on ya word bruh! *faints* p.s thanks for knowing I exist.”

Lizzo’s black “I FEEL YOU, ANDRE.” shirt refers to and resembles the 47 jumpsuits that Andre 3000 wore during Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik 20th anniversary tour in 2014. Andre 3000 made each black jumpsuit unique by plastering 47 different phrases like “Life is short, take more baths,” “Obviously oblivious,” and “I’ve never been to Afrika,” in white text across the chest.

The “i feel ya” exhibition offers an entirely new experience, even for the thousands that saw any or all of the jumpsuits during Outkast’s reunion tour. “Even though I wore the suits every night and knew what the messages said, I had never seen them all together. Sometimes a sheer number of something is just … it’s an army of thoughts,” says Andre.

Andre 3000’s “i feel ya” exhibition, in collaboration with filmmaker Greg Brunkalla and painter Jimmy O’Neal, will be on display at Savannah, GA’s SCAD Museum of Art in the summer of 2015.