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The Replacements release 25-minute jazz jam, because why the heck not

Paul Westerberg with the Replacements at Midway Stadium in September. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

You never know quite what to expect from the Replacements, and sometimes that thing you get without expecting it is a 25-minute improvised jazz jam called “Poke Me In My Cage.”

The 24-minute-and-22-second track—recorded at Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, Mass., reports Pitchfork—was uploaded to the band’s Soundcloud, complete with porcupine artwork. Scroll down to listen to the new song, below. It’s mostly instrumental, but around the 16:30 mark, Paul Westerberg starts to shout some words that include the title phrase, as well as mentions of a porcupine and…well, see what you can make out.

This fall, Westerberg and Tommy Stinson told Rolling Stone that a new Replacements album is “likely.” Is this the direction the ‘Mats are going next? Those who never expected the band to get back together at all understand that with these guys, anything is possible.