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Today’s Music News: Jack White released a single ten years ago, exclusively inside upholstered furniture

Way back in the day, before the White Stripes blew up, Jack White worked as an upholsterer. Later, White and his fellow upholsterer Brian Muldoon formed a duo who called themselves—wait for it—the Upholsterers and cut a couple of songs. One of those songs, “Apple of My Eye,” was released commercially in 2000. The second, “Your Furniture Was Always Dead…I Was Just Afraid to Tell You,” was printed on 100 vinyl 45s that were hidden inside pieces of furniture being upholstered by Muldoon, who still worked in the furniture biz. This was in 2004—and only now, a decade later, have two of the 100 copies been found. Word of the discoveries got back to White’s Third Man Records, which celebrated by releasing the artwork for the single. The music can’t yet be heard by anyone except the people who discovered the two copies—but you might just be sitting on one of the remaining 98. (Consequence of Sound)

On Feb. 7, the Grammys will present lifetime achievement awards to George Harrisonthe Bee Gees, and Buddy Guy. (Billboard)

Ryan Adams, a huge comics fan, revealed that he’s working on a series of comic books—and that he and his bandmates are recording a soundtrack for each comic in their mobile recording booth. As of yet there are no details recording a timetable for the comics’ release. (Consequence of Sound)

Stax recording artist Wendy Rene has died of a stroke at age 67. Rene is today best-known for her song “After Laughter, Comes Tears,” which has been sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan and Alicia Keys. (Billboard)

As he prepared to conclude The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert sold a bunch of the unwanted possessions he’s accumulated over the years—including R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, who sold for $0.25. (Billboard)

On Conan, comedienne Jenny Slate performed the last line of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Landslide” in the voice of her YouTube character Marcel the Shell.

A nationwide casting call is now open for Beautiful—The Carole King Musical. (Billboard)

When the San Jose Sharks play the L.A. Kings on Jan. 21 in San Jose, Metallica will be on hand to rock the ice. Sales of a commemorative t-shirt will benefit the Sierra Club. (Billboard)


Noel Gallagher‘s teenage daughter Anais “literally died,” she says, when One Direction‘s Harry Styles walked into a cafe where she and her dad were sitting. “I’d been joking that I’d probably wet myself if 1D walked in,” she told Grazia. “So my dad started kicking me under the table and shouted, ‘Are you going to wet yourself now?'” (NME)

50 Cent just signed a lucrative deal to market men’s briefs by Frigo Revolution Wear. The rapper announced the news on Instagram: “I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear. What did you muthaf—as do today?”