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Today’s Music News: Knitted Morrissey dolls are the year’s most-coveted Christmas gift

Yarn pic by Katrina Br*?#*!@nd (Creative Commons)

“Please bear in mind that I’m just one old girl with arthritis and I have to rest my hands between dolls,” writes British knitter Kate Park, whose handmade Morrissey dolls have become the year’s hottest Christmas gift among music aficionados. Park is so overwhelmed with inquiries that she’s had to stop taking orders, but you can watch her website for a chance to snap up your own mini Moz when Park’s hands are up to it again. Park also does Johnny Marr, and she’s thinking about expanding into Frank Turner. (NME)

Now that Paul McCartney is going 3D, so is Jack White, who just released a virtual reality player allowing fans to watch him play in “immersive 360 degree, stereoscopic 3D.” (Pitchfork)

The Pirate Bay, a popular file-sharing site, remains offline after a recent raid by Swedish authorities who allege copyright violations. (Billboard) Controversially, Jeremy Messersmith wore a Pirate Bay shirt when he appeared on Letterman in August.

What’s the “major concert” being announced by Target Center at 10:00 this morning? The venue teased the announcement via Instagram with a photo of Times Square that’s apparently had the words “HAPPY 1999” inserted from the original.

Now that iPod Classic music players are out of production, collectors are trading them at prices running up to almost a thousand dollars. (Billboard)

Steve Van Zandt made an appearance on The Tonight Show and duetted with Jimmy Fallon on a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “My Kind of Town,” which Van Zandt’s character sings on the show Lilyhammer. (Billboard) Presumably Bob Dylan approved.

S. Carey announced that he’ll release a new EP called Supermoon on Feb. 17. The EP will include a Radiohead cover as well as new versions of songs from his first two albums. (Pitchfork)

It’s been yet another exciting week for Lizzo, who was mentioned in a Pitchfork article about the best Minnesota hip-hop of 2014 and also got a shout-out from Andre 3000 after wearing a shirt reading I FEEL YOU ANDRE on Letterman in October.

Updates on band make-ups and break-ups (1) the Neutral Milk Hotel reunion is about to end, and will stay ended “for the foreseeable future”; (2) Smashing Pumpkins will call it quits after their next album, says Billy Corgan; and (3) ABBA, who broke up 32 years ago, are no closer to reuniting than they’ve ever been.