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January 6, 2015

Artists’ Quarter reborn as Vieux Carre

After sitting empty for a year, downtown St. Paul jazz venue the Artists’ Quarter has reopened its doors under the new name Vieux Carre. It is now owned and operated by Minneapolis’s Dakota Jazz Club. The beloved basement club was named after New Orleans’s historic French Quarter; the name is meant to translate to “old quarter” in honor of the […]

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Today’s Music News: Kanye fans pretend not to know who Paul McCartney is, everyone freaks out

Tongue-in-cheek tweets by Kanye West fans stirred a minor panic among Beatles fans who thought that some young tweeters actually didn’t know who Kanye’s latest collaborator—Paul McCartney—is. Both The Mirror U.K. and Good Morning America stirred the pot by reporting on the the story. “WHO IS PAUL MCCARTNEY?” read a GMA feed. “KANYE’S FANS DON’T KNOW THE BEATLE.” Maybe […]

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