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January 8, 2015

Documentary ‘Legends of Ska’ to screen at Bryant-Lake Bowl

The locally-made documentary Legends of Ska will be screened Sunday at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, one of a growing number of movies to be shown at the restaurant/bowling alley/theater. Created by Minneapolis director Brad Klein, the film chronicles the history of the Jamaican art form and its roots in music culture — both in its native Jamaica and around the world. “One of my […]

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Artist of the Month: Motion City Soundtrack

A lot can be said about those who hustle. Hustle, you might ask? You know, the kind of energy and drive that pushes some folks past the rest of us. Those who cut their teeth and cut them again and again because settling for good enough is never, well, enough. Motion City Soundtrack (MCS) embody this […]

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Today’s Music News: Neil Young’s Pono player hits stores this week

Neil Young‘s high-end Pono music player, backed by the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever (measured in terms of number of supporters), hits select retailers this week at a price of $399. Young appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show to talk the player up. He dismissed questions about whether there will be room for the new […]

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