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January 30, 2015

Vocalist Molly Dean takes center stage with Moon and Pollution

“My goal as a human being is to live my life as an authentic person,” Molly Dean says, leaning back in her chair and contemplating her role in the electro-pop band Moon and Pollution. Dean has just spent the previous 45 minutes discussing her musical history, her approach to songwriting, and her appreciation of her […]

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Today’s Music News: ‘Don’t Stop Believin” is the all-time most-liked song on Pandora

Are you one of the people who’s sick of hearing Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin’”? Sorry, but you’ve been disagreed with over 20 million times by Pandora users who have made the 34-year-old anthem the single most-liked song on the streaming service. Rounding out the top five most-liked songs are Drake‘s “The Motto,” Imagine Dragons‘ “Radioactive,” Mario‘s “Let Me Love You,” and Goo Goo […]

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