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Bob Dylan’s looking for a sketchy guy, a fat guy, a bartender, and a full-figured dancer

Bob Dylan’s new album Shadows in the Night is coming out on Feb. 3, and it looks like Dylan’s getting ready to support the release with a new music video directed by Nash Edgerton—the Australian director who’s been Dylan’s preferred video director for the past several years. Billboard got a hold of the casting call for the video, and it looks like it’s going to be…interesting.

Here are the actors Edgerton and Dylan are looking for:

[DANCER] Female, 40+, full figured. Burlesque dancer, will need to dance in audition. Think timeless a la Lana Turner or Ava Gardner.

[SKETCHY GUY] 50s, rough trade, pock marked face, etc.

[FAT GUY] 45+, all around huge.

[BARTENDER] Male, 30s+, looking for characters.

It’s most likely this will be a video for the already-previewed “Full Moon and Empty Arms,” but one could imagine these characters enacting a scenario to just about any Sinatra song—the new Dylan album will be all Sinatra covers—so the song being set to video is anyone’s guess. One thing’s for certain: those who like Dylan’s trademark unusual, often seedy characters probably have an enjoyable four or five minutes of viewing ahead of them.