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Burn Fetish, White Boyfriend, and more of this week’s Minnesota record releases

courtesy Burn Fetish

Burn Fetish

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It’s a new year, and local noise-rock trio Burn Fetish are starting the year off with the release of their Animal EP. Calling Burn Fetish a noise-rock trio is as close to a concise description as you can get. There are bluesy roots on the track “This Party Tastes Like Pepsi-Cola,” but if the Animal EP is anywhere close to being as versatile as their Sun and Dust album, I wouldn’t pigeonhole the EP in any genre. You can find out at the release show at the Kitty Cat Klub on Saturday.

Rank Strangers

Minneapolis veterans the Rank Strangers recently released their eighth full-length in December. Lady President is a 12-track album full of classic-sounding indie tracks, but many have new ingredients added for a fresh taste. Mike Wisti’s call-and-response vocals on “Goldstar” give the track a contemporary flavor. Lady President was released just before Christmas, and if it hasn’t been on your radar in the past few weeks, it now should be.

White Boyfriend

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You may have heard of White Boyfriend by now, as they have been making some noise around town. They held a residency at the Kitty Cat Klub in November, City Pages listed them as having one of the best upcoming concerts, and the Minnesota Daily has taken notice as well. White Boyfriend’s sound comes off as uniquely their own: they play with forthright sexuality, and the group members’ voices meld together for addictive harmonies. Catch them at the 7th Street Entry on Jan. 16 for the release of their self-titled debut.

The Daisy Dillman Band

The Daisy Dillman band are local country-rock vets—in fact, they’re in the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. Best-known for their 1981 national hit “Lovin’ the Night Away,” the band will play on Saturday night at the Hopkins Center for the Arts to release Radio, their first new album in 34 years. Read more about their remarkable don’t-call-it-a-comeback story.

Aaron Bolton is a senior at the University of Minnesota. Currently he is a co-host on Radio K’s Off The Record and is the music reporter at Radio K. He hopes to continue a career in music journalism.