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Check out this uncanny Taylor Swift/Semisonic mash-up

Mash-up artist YepImTheToaster has mixed Taylor Swift’s anthem “22” with Semisonic’s “Closing Time” in a combined song and video that’s so convincing, it even won praise from Semisonic bassist (and Wits bandleader, and occasional Morning Show co-host) John Munson, who shared the video on his Facebook timeline and said he’s still proud of “Closing Time” 17 years after its 1998 release.

Last year, Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson talked with The Current’s Andrea Swensson about the success of “Closing Time” and also shared his thoughts on the changing music industry. Below, take a look—and listen—to Semisonic’s after-the-fact “collaboration” with Swift. Wilson has actually collaborated with Swift IRL, co-writing two tracks (“Treacherous” and “Come Back…Be Here”) on Red, the 2012 album on which “22” also appears.

Update: The video has been removed from Vimeo due to a copyright claim by Taylor Swift; see details in the comment section below.

Via e-mail, Semisonic drummer Jacob Slichter told us he enjoys the mashup. “The Semisonic video tells a story about connections missed,” he writes, “while Taylor’s tells a story about connections made. Both types of story happen in parallel night after night in bars and at parties. The mashup puts these stories together and ends up telling the story of everyone—those who are going home together and those who are going home alone. And it’s perfect, because ‘Closing Time’ was always about the odd mixture of loneliness and hope that floods the room when the lights go on and the bouncers start shouting, ‘You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.'”

“Closing Time” was inspired by the 400 Bar, where it was first performed live. The 400 Bar is gone, but Dan Wilson will be performing with Jeremy Messersmith and Caroline Smith at the Bryant-Lake Bowl on Sunday as part of The Current’s tenth anniversary celebration. Tickets aren’t available for sale, but until noon on Friday you can enter here for a chance to win a pair!

  • TrailBlazerFan

    ugh. The crap that Taylor Swift puts out makes me want to blow vomit all over the room… I’ll take the poppy yet intelligent and delightful Closing Time any time!

  • YITT

    A cool mashup like that, and this YepImTheToaster/YITT dude only has 7 Twitter followers?! https://twitter.com/YepImTheToaster ;)

  • John Munson

    I’m amused to see that I get credit for still liking myself all these years later (-;

  • mollywatch

    1st quarter was kinda intriguing, then it kinda blew.

  • Sorry, guys. My Vimeo video has been removed due to RCAA complaint. The responsible record company in interest removed this video and another featuring the lovely Ms. Swift. I am now 1 strike away from losing my Vimeo, and in turn, all of my videos on it. All of my videos still up are available for free view and download on site: https://vimeo.com/yepimthetoaster Remember when music was about something other than industry and profit? … ..yeah; me neither.