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Friday Five: Dessa, Trampled by Turtles, and more Minnesota music videos

Happy Friday! We have a lot of ground to cover in this week’s video roundup, as we travel to Mexico with Dessa, the set of reality show American Idol, and the United Nations with Guante. Buckle up…

Dessa takes us underwater

Be sure to check out Dessa’s interview with PRI to get the full backstory on her deep-diving new video, which features an underwater art installation off the shores of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Trampled by Turtles sketch it out

Trampled by Turtles get the hand-drawn cowboy animation treatment for their new video, “Repetition,” which appears on their latest album Wild Animals

Mark Andrews auditions for American Idol

The big Minnesotans-on-national-TV news this week was that American Idol aired an hour-long special on the auditions it held at the Minneapolis Convention Center this summer—and at least a few hometown singers will be advancing onto this season of the show. One of the contestants making their way to Hollywood this fall is Mark Andrew, who is already a familiar face to musical reality TV viewers due to his short stint on The Voice (read my interview with him about that experience here).

Guante addresses the United Nations

For how busy Guante always seems to be, I’m sure he’s performed for more than his fair share of intimidating audiences. But his recent appearance at the United Nations as part of their Barbershop Conference, a meeting to address men’s roles in the fight for gender equality, just might take the cake.

Warehouse Eyes head to the State Fair

I almost hesitated in posting this because it almost hurts to watch images of people wearing tank tops at the State Fair and enjoying summertime rides and funnel cakes when it’s been so cold and snowy outside, but the song was too good to pass up. Warehouse Eyes are a burgeoning dreampop group who are hard at work on the second EP; “Tokyo” is their first video and first single, and you can find it on their EP Carvings.