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Friday Five: Mike Mictlan, Allan Kingdom, Chris Koza, and more new Minnesota music videos

Happy Friday! After a couple of slow weeks over the holidays someone has turned the Minnesota music video faucet back on full blast, and it was tough narrowing it down to just five to feature in today’s roundup. Buckle up, bbs, something tells me we’re in for an action-packed 2015…

Mike Mictlan

Directed by Adam J. Dunn, this creepy new video from Mike Mictlan (how’d he get his eyes to do that?) features the track “so so STRAYNGE” off of last year’s excellent HELLA FRREAL.

Allan Kingdom

Created by Nicholas Larkin Perez and Kron, this minimalist, black and white video perfectly compliments the stark tone and sparse accompaniments of Allan Kindgom’s hypnotic new track “Blast.”


The lastest news from Guante’s universe is that the talented MC, spoken-word artist, educator and activist has a book in the works, and he says that his new mixtape, A Love Song, a Death Rattle, a Battle Cry, is both a companion piece and an opening act for the writing that’s yet to come. This new lyric video, which was also created by Adam J. Dunn, is for one of the tracks on his new mix, “You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing.”

Chris Koza

I  love when music  videos end up becoming miniature movies and bring the characters of the songs to life, and this new video from Chris Koza (created by Fourwind Films) definitely ups the drama. Find “Handful of Glass” on Koza’s latest solo album, In Real Time.

Fairchord & Fixer

Fairchord & Fixer is the new project from longtime rock and electronic experimenter Christian Erickson (Blue Sky Blackout, Astronaut Wife, the Sevateem, etc.). On this track, Erickson combines dreamy pop melodies with heavy industrial beats to create a Postal Service-playing-Club Underground kind of vibe. More please.