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Infographic: 2014 Minneapolis-St. Paul music by the numbers

Graphic by Nate Ryan/MPR

We know our local music scene is huge—but just how huge? We asked Dave Loomer of MN Live to help us get a quantitative handle on haps in the Twin Cities music scene last year: how many shows, how many releases, how many new bands. The Current’s Nate Ryan has presented these data in the form of an infographic; scroll down to take a look, and click here to download a PDF.

Some fine print: though these numbers represent a wide swath of local music activity last year and provide an indication of how active our music scene is, they’re not exhaustive. The numbers represent show venues and release platforms indexed in full by MN Live, a free service Loomer runs as a labor of love to help local music fans keep their fingers on the pulse of the scene. So, think of these numbers as minimum tallies—and at that, they’re pretty impressive.

Minnesota music 2014

  • Jason

    Not to slight Icehouse — if they were in my neighborhood I’d probably be there every week and I love their bookings — but when they host brunch or dinner music as opposed to a local or national booking with a cover charge, do we still think of that as a concert as we do with say First Avenue or a show at the Hexagon? 348 concerts in the Entry equals 348 concerts, but do 483 “shows” at Icehouse equal 483 concerts?

    • Dave

      Hey Jason – I can see where it might be debatable but I’m not sure where we’d draw the line to objectively decide what is a show/concert or not. Basically, if there’s live music, for the purposes of this infographic it’s a show (which to some people might have a different definition from “concert”) whether or not there’s a cover charge, and regardless of how many bands are playing. If we excluded some Icehouse shows we’d need to exclude some shows at other venues too.

      I can see how in the future maybe we could have a separate category that excludes shows featuring just a single local musician? Would that fit the definition better? I do see where you’re coming from, and just thinking how we’d best accommodate it.

  • JR

    What about Palmer’s Bar and The Nomad World Pub? Palmer’s has at the very least 200-250 shows a year.