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Local Current celebrates Minnesota pop-punk

On Thursday, January 15, and Saturday, January 17, Motion City Soundtrack will be performing their Epitaph Records debut, Commit This To Memory, from start to finish in honor of the album’s 10-year anniversary. To celebrate, we thought it would be a good excuse to revisit so much of the pop-punk, post-punk, and plain old punk rock that shaped Motion City’s sound and defined their corner of the Twin Cities music scene back in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Starting at 2 p.m. today on the Local Current stream, I’ll host a two-hour special about early 2000s Twin Cities pop-punk and Motion City Soundtrack’s landmark album, with some help from the band’s frontman Justin Pierre and lead guitarist Joshua Cain. You’ll hear Justin and Josh reminiscing about their early days playing all-ages shows at the Foxfire and bowing down at the altar of local luminaries like the Plastic Constellation, Lifter Puller, and Low, and we’ll make our way through a playlist of songs that was curated with help from the band members themselves.

Listen to Local Current here.

If you miss today’s special, I’ll be sure to capture today’s show and embed it into this blog post. Check back soon for a permanent archive of the music and interview segments.

Local Current’s Minnesota pop-punk playlist:

Motion City Soundtrack – “Attractive Today”
Lifter Puller – “Plymouth Rock”
Lily Liver – “So You Say”
The Crush – “Everyday is Everything”
The Plastic Constellations – “Smallest Skyline”
Amp 176 – “Broadcast Desperation”
Hidden Chord – “From MPLS to St Paul”
Motion City Soundtrack – “Perfect Teeth” (off I Am the Movie)
The Stereo – “4am”
Cadillac Blindside – “Empty Bottle Evening”
Colfax Abbey – “Silver”
February – “That Girl”
Somerset – “Colors of Insomnia”
12 Rods – “Summertime Vertigo”
The Selby Tigers – “Cheerleading is Big Business”
Polara – “Teapot Tempest”
Soul Asylum – “Sometime to Return”
Low – “Stars Gone Out”
Lifter Puller – “Math is Money”
Motion City Soundtrack – “Make Out Kids”
Soviettes – “Twin Cities Sound”
Dillinger Four – “Fire Side Chat”
Kill Sadie – “Surgeon’s Muse”
Sweet J.A.P. – “Debusen”
Birthday Suits – “Twin Cities Bridge is Falling Down”
Friends Like These – “Karen”
Off With the Heads – “Drive”
The Hopefuls – “Idaho”
The Hold Steady – “Little Hoodrat Friend”
The Pinsch – “Wanna Gotta Gonna”
The Plastic Constellations – “Davico”
Motion City Soundtrack – “Feel Like Rain”
Motion City Soundtrack – “Everything is Alright”