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Today’s Music News: Bob Dylan gets political (again) in new interview

As he prepares to release his new album Shadows in the NightBob Dylan gave a long interview to AARP’s magazine—ironic, given that the septuagenarian is anything but retired. In the interview, he talks about the process of recording the new album (he says all the songs were recorded in the order they appear on the album), the diversity of his audience (“People make a fuss about how many generations follow a certain type of performer. But what does it matter if all the generations are the same?”), his past work (he says “Love Sick” is his best song about heartbreak and loss), and America’s economic disparity: “Some wealthy billionaire who can buy 30 cars and maybe buy a sports team, is that guy happy? What then would make him happier? Does it make him happy giving his money away to foreign countries? Is there more contentment in that than in giving it here to the inner cities and creating jobs?”

The episode of American Idol featuring auditions in Minneapolis aired on Wednesday night, and Billboard was disappointed. “What happened in Minnesota—a state that gave us Prince, The Replacements and Brenda and Brandon Walsh? While there were a few contenders that certainly deserve a go at the top 24, the talent pool didn’t feel as deep as it did in New York last week.”

New Order will release their tenth studio album—their first without founding bassist Peter Hook—this autumn. The band told Rolling Stone they’ve completed two songs for the album: “Plastic” and “Restless.”

Adele is “bro-ing down” with Lady Gaga…but are the two making music together? Nothing’s confirmed, but tongues are wagging.

TLC are funding their new album via Kickstarter, and among their backers is Katy Perry, who has contributed $5,000. (E! Online) T-Boz and Chilli have now substantially exceeded their $150,000 goal.

Ian Allen, a member of Negativland from 1981 to 1987, has died at age 56 due to complications from heart surgery. (Pitchfork)

The official Grammys after-party on Feb. 8 will feature quite a diverse lineup of performers: Jessie JArturo Sandoval, and Gloria Gaynor. (BillboardAriana Grande, who is set to perform at the Grammys themselves, is also set to sing at the halftime break of the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 15. (Rolling Stone) Grande will then hop on tour, coming to the Xcel Energy Center on March 1.

Wesley Scantlin, the frontman of Puddle of Mudd, was arrested last week at the Denver International Airport for taking a “joy ride” on a baggage carousel. The arrest led to a delay of a scheduled concert by the band, to the great annoyance of the show’s promoter.

The Decemberists went on Jimmy Kimmel to sing their new music—and YouTube comments.