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Watch Atmosphere’s ominous new video for ‘January on Lake Street’

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! If you just can’t shake that nagging feeling like the world is about to end and we’re all about to die, then this Atmosphere video might be for you.

In the gorgeous new video for the song “January on Lake Street” from last year’s Southsiders, director Braden Lee (who also created that cinematic new Psymun video) takes viewers on a sweeping tour of Minneapolis and introduces us to lonely characters from throughout the city. There’s a skateboarder doing slow-mo tricks, a surgeon contemplating the inherent flaws of humanity, and a Melancholia-inspired ending that explains why everyone’s looking so forlorn.

Atmosphere is playing the Current’s 10th anniversary party at First Avenue on Saturday, January 24, with J. Roddy Walston and the Business, the Trashmen, and PaviElle. Tickets are sold out, but the Current will be doing on-air ticket giveaways throughout the month of January.


  • Patty Mitchell

    Sort of makes me think of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” video

  • cinatyte

    That isn’t “Melancholia-inspired,” it’s a wholesale fascimile of Melancholia. I can’t decide whether to be irritated or impressed at the sheer brazenness of it.

    • Braden Lee

      Hello, I made the video. You have to realize how everything in culture is influenced by other pieces of art. Just because we see a rogue planet destroy earth at the end of the music video doesn’t mean it’s the same story or meaning. Earth is actually shown to be destroyed at the beginning of Melancholia. Obviously, it’s inspired from the film, but it’s not an exact copy and it’s disrespectful to the team that spent months creating a completely new animation. Would love to see what you’re contributing to culture besides trolling.