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You’re invited to remix The Current

The Current staff photo by Nate Ryan, remixed by Jay Gabler

The Current has always been about getting close to the music, and for our tenth anniversary, we thought we’d take that a step further: we’re inviting musicians to incorporate our hosts’ voices into new compositions. If you’re a musician who’s interested in sampling and remixing, we’d love to hear your take on remixing The Current!

For a start, we asked Minnesota musician Jon Davis of Ghostband to have a crack at incorporating our hosts’ voices into a new music track. Click below to listen to Jon’s track “Current 10,” an atmospheric slow-build in which our daily hosts’ voices enter in about the order they usually appear on our airwaves.

  1. Listen Ghostband remixes The Current

We then asked the multitalented Dosh if he’d give it a go. Happily, he accepted and submitted this multilayered, percussive track. “I resurrected this track I recorded in São Paulo with this singer Daniel Groove,” writes Dosh. “It’s funky and broody and Daniel sings the word Love quite a bit. I like the way it turned out……”

  1. Listen Dosh remixes The Current

We also received a track from the Minnesota group Maple & Beech. Take a listen to their buoyant mix, titled “Today in the Twin Cities.”

  1. Listen Maple & Beech remix The Current

How to remix The Current

If you’re interested in creating a track of your own, you can download brief audio clips of our hosts’ voices here. When you’re finished, send a file (or a link, if the file is larger than 5MB) to me at jgabler@mpr.org. We’ll be featuring some of our favorite mixes here on our Local Current blog. Have fun!