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February 13, 2015

PaviElle pays tribute to the legendary Nina Simone

When I first was introduced to the music of Dr. Nina Simone…I remember it was the early ’90s.  I was in the music store Tidal Wave in Saint Paul with my mama. She was doing her usual weekly perusing for new music. There I was, 10-year-old me, walking around on exploration mode as Tidal Wave […]

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Listen: ‘Cupid,’ a new love song from the Suburbs

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! We’re pleased to share “Cupid,” a poignant new rocker from the Suburbs. The song, written and sung by Chan Poling, features the Suburbs’ new lineup with Hugo Klaers, Steve Price, Steve Brantseg, and Jeremy Yvilsaker. It’s dedicated, writes Poling, “to all the beautiful ladies in our lives.” [bandcamp width=350 height=442 track=3799795647 […]

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Remembering David Carr, 1956-2015

Readers across the country and around the world are mourning the sudden death yesterday of journalist David Carr. A writer covering the media beat for the New York Times, Carr was a Minnesota native who had a fiery career in local journalism—including a lauded stint as editor of the free weekly Twin Cities Reader—before moving out […]

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