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February 18, 2015

Today’s Music News: Vanilla Ice and Afroman arrested for bad behavior

In separate incidents, two of pop music’s most infamous one-hit wonders have been put behind bars. “Ice Ice Baby” rapper Vanilla Ice was taken into custody in Lantana, Florida after allegedly swiping stuff from a home next door to a house he’s renovating for his HGTV show. The allegedly burglarized house was foreclosed and empty of people—but still […]

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S. Carey, Riley Iris, and more: This week’s local record releases

S. Carey: Supermoon S. Carey of Bon Iver released his Supermoon EP Tuesday. The six-track EP—consisting of reimagined songs he’s previously released—is an introspective look into S. Carey’s life, family, and spirituality. Carey talks about his time spent in nature and the relationship he has with the Earth in an introduction to the album. You can […]

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Hamline University’s Winter WonderJam returns for a second year with Smallpools, Step Rockets, Yonas

On Saturday, Hamline University is hosting their second annual Winter WonderJam concert, after long preparations. Although for some it may just be a concert, for those involved in the planning, it is a labor of love. Last February marked the first-ever Winter WonderJam, at which both Konstant Movement and Brother Ali performed. What became the biggest campus concert […]

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