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Calamity and the Owl to record live album at Hell’s Kitchen

via Calamity and the Owl on Facebook

This Friday, Feb. 27, local roots-inflected band Calamity and the Owl will record their first live album, at Hell’s Kitchen.

In an e-mail, band member Raquel Sidie-Wagner explained that the decision came as a result of the residency the band had at Hell’s Kitchen this past year. Given the high quality sound system and excellent sound engineers, Sidie-Wagner wrote, Hell’s Kitchen seemed like the perfect venue.

The band, which is now almost five years old, also wanted to highlight their growth and the full array of what they can do. With the addition of steel and electric guitar player Jac Cornelius, Calamity the Owl’s music has delved deeper into blues.

Because of this rapid evolution, their first full-length album, Of Wicked Splendor, has a different sound than what the band has now—even though it won’t be released until this summer. Of Wicked Splendor, wrote Sidie-Wagner, “is still very much us and we are excited to release it, but we have added so much since then that we want people to be able to hear the full array of what we can do.”

What can the audience expect at Friday’s show? “We promise a lot of silliness, some songs no one has ever heard us perform live, and some revamped songs we haven’t done in ages. I even sing a song about an evil sorcerer who marries women just to use them to build a zombie bride. So, basically, anything could happen,” wrote Sidie-Wagner.

Calamity and the Owl will be playing and recording from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday. There is no cover charge, but reservations are highly encouraged.

Brenda Tran is a student at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities.