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Charlie Parr gets his own beer, brewed by Fitger’s Brewhouse

via Fitger's Brewhouse on Facebook

In honor of the man they call “Duluth’s hardest working musician” and his new signing with St. Paul’s Red House Records, Fitger’s Brewhouse has created a special beer for Charlie Parr.

“Parr’s Porter has hop and dark malt notes, a bit of fruit in the aroma and a dry finish,” writes the brewhouse on Facebook. The 6.55% ABV porter features “deep, dark flavors over a smooth wonderful inside.”

The Duluth brewery calls Parr “a longtime friend,” which is no lie: Parr is a frequent guest on the Fitger’s stage, and in 2006 Parr even released a live album recorded there. According to the Red House press release announcing the new album, however, Parr himself abstains from alcohol after a recent health scare.

Parr’s new album, Stumpjumper, will be released on April 28. Hear “Over the Red Cedar,” a song from the album, below.

  1. Listen Over the Red Cedar – Charlie Parr