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Chic to release their first new album in 23 years

via Nile Rodgers on Facebook

It’s been a stellar couple of years for Nile Rodgers, the producer and Chic guitarist whose trademark playing buoyed Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” our listeners’ favorite song of 2013. Now, SPIN reports that Rodgers’s seminal 70s group are staging a comeback: in June, Chic will release their first studio album since Chic-ism, which came out in 1992. The album—to be released on Warner Bros.—will be preceded by a new single, which will come out on March 20.

In addition to their influence on the dance-pop scene, Chic became one of the most-sampled bands by pioneering hip-hop artists in the 80s. Notably, their 1979 song “Good Times” became the basis for the Sugarhill Gang’s breakout single “Rapper’s Delight.” Controversially, Chic have still not been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.