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Friday Five: Brilliant Beast, Ecid, Hotelecaster, and more new MN music videos

Hot out of the oven, here’s a fresh batch of homegrown music videos (plus an endearing interview with a Minnesota folk legend) to help whittle down the final hours of this work week. We’ll start with a few artists who have releases coming later this month…

Brilliant Beast

How good is this new Brilliant Beast split 7″ with Fury Things? SO GOOD. The two bands will be releasing their new joint effort on February 25 at the Turf Club with support from Catbath.


Do you ever become overwhelmed with that irrational fear that you’re going to trip and fall and somehow accidentally gouge your eye on a sharp corner or coat hook on your way down? On the bright side, if that ever happens, maybe you can become an accidental celebrity like our pal Ecid here in his new video for “Counterfeit Dreams,” which was directed, shot and edited by Mercies May. Ecid’s new album, Pheromone Heavy, is out March 3.


Well, this is adorable. For their new video “Preset 3,” Hotelecaster tapped Aaron Yonda to create Sims characters in their own likeness and have the little animated dudes act out their lyrics. Catch Hotelecaster at Icehouse next Friday, February 27, when they’ll be releasing their debut EP.

The Velveteens

I’m just going to keep posting more videos from the Velveteens until you cave and buy their new record, Sun’s Up.

Spider John Koerner

The team at Music in Minnesota captured Spider John Koerner in his natural habitat, sipping coffee and doing a crossword puzzle at the end of the bar at Palmer’s. Over the course of the 15-minute interview, Koerner talks about the early days of the West Bank folk scene, his interest in astronomy, and how he got the nickname “Spider.”