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S. Carey, Riley Iris, and more: This week’s local record releases

S. Carey: Supermoon

S. Carey of Bon Iver released his Supermoon EP Tuesday. The six-track EP—consisting of reimagined songs he’s previously released—is an introspective look into S. Carey’s life, family, and spirituality. Carey talks about his time spent in nature and the relationship he has with the Earth in an introduction to the album. You can hear these inspirations while he plays, and his emotions seem to bleed straight out of the piano thorough the speakers and into your ears. He is currently on tour.

Riley Iris: Sunshower Showcase

The guitarist of Pseudoubt, Riley Iris, is releasing his solo project Sunshower Showcase on Friday at the Acadia Cafe. Iris attached many descriptions to his new release, and most have the word “experimental” in them, but the only track released at the moment, “Operation Cartwheel,”  is a moody piano solo. The modest and wistful number leaves the rest of the 10 tracks a complete mystery. Origami Bones, Orchyd, and DJ Artifex will join Iris in the unveiling of his solo debut.

The Weathered Heads: Sinner

The six-piece jazz-rock group the Weathered Heads are celebrating the release of their debut album Sinner this Saturday in their hometown of Winona at Ed’s No Name Bar. The group has a big-band sound, and give their songs room to breathe with extended jams. They will also be celebrating their release at the 331 Club in Minneapolis on February 27.

Step Rockets

Rock-pop quartet the Step Rockets brought back a little slice of the 80s with their new single “Turning Tides (By Your Side).” They hosted a masquerade party at Icehouse on Feb. 7 to celebrate. The track features a strong sung hook, “I’ll always be by your side,” which swoops over the crescendo of synths in a just slightly psychedelic rush.

Filthy Animals: Music House

The genre-blenders Filthy Animals will be at the Turf Club on Friday to release Music House. Filthy Animals bring funk, R&B, and psychedelia with a contemporary indie vibe to make a soundscape of blistering solos and heavy grooves.

Aaron Bolton is a senior at the University of Minnesota. Currently he is a co-host on Radio K’s Off The Record and is the music reporter at Radio K. He hopes to continue a career in music journalism.